A Quick Look at Volvo On Call

November 28 2018, Volvo of Edmonton

A Quick Look at Volvo On Call

Volvo is known for its exclusive technologies, no doubt about that. With a Volvo vehicle, you have access to the latest technology in terms of both safety and connectivity.

The pioneering and unique technologies of Volvo's new vehicles are designed to protect you and your family, and also to make your life easier. The perfect example is the new Volvo on Call technology.

Volvo on Call is an exclusive technology that gives you the information you need at your fingertips. With Volvo on Call, your mobile phone lets you control your Volvo.

Volvo On Call: an Exclusive Mobile App

Volvo On Call is a mobile application that connects you directly to your vehicle. This application is customizable and adapts to you. From your phone you can get a wealth of information such as fuel level and door status. If they are not locked, you can do it from your phone remotely.

It is also possible to start the engine remotely and in doing so adjust the climate controls to make sure your Volvo is comfortable when you step inside. When it comes to making your life easier and improving your overall comfort level with your vehicle, Volvo On Call is the feature you’ve been looking for.

It is also there for you in case of an emergency. With Volvo On Call, you can contact a 24/7 roadside assistance service in addition to having access to an emergency assistance service.

To learn more about Volvo's newest range of new vehicles or to learn more about Volvo On Call, contact us today.

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