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Enhance your in-car experience with the options that suit your lifestyle.

Here you'll find the right accessories to make your Volvo XC60 fit your needs perfectly.









Volvo XC60 Child Seat

Volvo XC60 Child Seat, Padded Upholstery


Padded upholstery for cars equipped with integrated booster cushion. The upholstery has side support that gives the child a comfortable and safe car journey, while at the same time the car's original upholstery is kept clean. Integrated foam pads at the sides give comfortable support and keep the child's head in place while resting.


Installed Price - $215


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Volvo XC60 Cooler/Heater Box

Volvo XC60 Cooler/Heater Box


A practical, portable cooler/heater box that keeps food cold or hot on trips. Placed in the load compartment and connected to the power outlet this ensures your passengers will always have cold drinks – or hot food – at hand, by means of a thermoelectric system. The transformer allows the box to be used indoors for packing and cooling, etc.


Installed Price - $475


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Volvo Edmonton XC60 Rear Bumper Skid Plate

Volvo XC60 Rear Bumper Skid Plate


Lead the way in style. A styling element that gives the rear of the car a more robust and refined appearance. Available in two matte versions that match the other accessories in "Exterior Styling", or primed ready for painting.


Installed Price - $425


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Volvo XC60 Running Boards

Volvo XC60 Integrated Running Boards


A running board that follows the design of your car perfectly. At the same time a well integrated surface to step on when entering and leaving and when loading on the roof. Exclusive painted aluminium decor panel in two mat versions with rubber anti-slip, that make up a well designed pattern. All framed by an exterior colour coordinated plastic panel.


Installed Price - $1,775

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Volvo XC60 Aluminum Rims

Volvo XC60 Aluminum Rims (17" - 20")


Optimises the style and performance of your Volvo with XC60 rims for your Volvo wheels. Contact our Volvo of Edmonton Parts department for exact listings and pricing on the latest and greatest.


Installed Price - From $370

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Volvo Edmonton XC70 Bike Rack, Fork-Mounted - Installed Price $220.00

Volvo XC60 Aluminum Frame Mounted Bike Holder


A bicycle holder for anyone who appreciates a combination of elegant design and simple handling. Made of aluminum and structured around a solid rail and robust rod. The bicycle holder is equipped with self-adjusting quick release clasp and frame holder with lock knob. All locking and unlocking is performed at comfortable car roof height. Bicycles are fastened securely thanks to the rubberized tensioner arm.


Installed Price - $225 


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Volvo XC60 Roof Box

Volvo XC60 "Odin 1750" Roof Box


Living an active lifestyle, going on vacation, or just in need of the extra space? If that's the case, then the Volvo "Odin 1750" Roof Box is for you.
Featuring a diamond textured Aero Skin lid that is not only stylish but helps cut through the air with minimal wind resistance.


Installed Price - $565


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Volvo XC60 Luggage Compartment Cover

Volvo XC60 Luggage Compartment Cover


Use this stylish, retractable luggage compartment cover that conceals luggage in the cargo area. It's color-coordinated with the interior. The cargo compartment cover is housed in a cassette positioned on the back of the rear seats. When the cargo compartment cover is used, it is simply pulled out from the cassette like a blind and snapped into position.


Installed Price - $275


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VolVO XC60 tow bar hitch with wiring


A detachable tow hitch for the car, specially developed for the North American market. To make room for hitch-mounted accessories, you only need to remove a pin. The tow bar consists of three main components: crossmember, ball holder and a ball with a diameter of 2". If you choose to not have the ball or any of our accessories installed, a protective cover that covers the hole in the cross member is supplied.


installed price - $1,500




 XC60 Performance ACCESSORIES



Volvo Polestar Perfomance

Volvo XC60 Polestar Performance


Polestar Performance optimises the power and torque in your Volvo. It makes the car more lively and fun to drive and it increases safety in situations where you need extra performance, e.g. when overtaking. All this without increasing the certified fuel consumption or affecting your Volvo's Original Warranty. Now you no longer need to take risks with "chip tuning" to achieve an enhanced driving experience.


Installed Price - $1,150



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