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2018 V60 

For people who need the versatility of a wagon, but want the dynamic handling of a sports sedan.

2018 V60
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Enhance your in-car experience with the options that suit your lifestyle.

Here you'll find the right accessories to make your Volvo V60 fit your needs perfectly.


Volvo of Edmonton V60







Volvo Edmonton XC70 Load Carrier Rails

Volvo V60 Load Carrier


A classic load carrier with an attractive load carrier foot. The load carrier foot has a built-in attachment mechanism that is lockable. These rails are easy to install and are compatible with all load carrier accessories. An impact-resistant black plastic casing surrounds the foot, and a rubberised grip around the rail prevents scuff marks.


Installed Price - $296


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Volvo V60 Tunnel Mat


Protect the carpets in your Volvo from dirt and grime while still retaining a clean factory look. This Volvo rubber mat is designed to fit over the hump in the floor in the center of the back seat, perfect if you ever carry a third passenger back there.


Installed Price - $45

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 V60 Pack & Load ACCESSORIES





Volvo Edmonton XC70 Bike Rack, Fork-Mounted - Installed Price $220.00

Volvo V60 Bicycle Rack, Fork Mounted


Carry your racer or MTB like the professionals. This is probably the most secure and rattle-free way to carry your bike on the roof of your Volvo. Made of aluminum, with a new, smart, and elegant design, it fits most types of bikes and is avaialable in two versions: for bikes with or without front disc brakes. The dual locking function locks the bike to the holder and to the load carrier. And to carry the front wheel on the roof, a separate wheel holder is available.


Installed Price - $225


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Volvo Tow Bar Hitch

Volvo V60 Tow Bar Hitch


A detachable tow hitch for the car, specially developed for the North American market. To make room for hitch-mounted accessories, you only need to remove a pin. The tow bar consists of three main components: crossmember, ball holder and a ball with a diameter of 2". If you choose to not have the ball or any of our accessories installed, a protective cover that covers the hole in the cross member is supplied.


Installed Price - $1,245


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Volvo Load Net

Volvo V60 Luggage Net


A practical fabric net that prevents loads from moving about the cargo compartment. Manufactured in elastic material making it easy to stow luggage underneath it, it's colour-coordinated to match the interior. The net is installed flat on the cargo space floor, and has an eyelet in each corner that is hooked into the hooks on the cargo space floor.


Installed Price - $133


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 V60 Tech & Sound ACCESSORIES




Volvo Sensus Navigation

Volvo V60 Sensus Navigation System


Quickest route? Favorite restaurant? Nearest gas station? Volvo's
fully integrated navigation system guides you all the way. Connect to the Internet using a separate SIM card via Volvo On Call, or by Bluetooth from your mobile phone, to take advantage of a greater navigation experience.


Installed Price - $1,550



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 V60 Performance ACCESSORIES



Volvo Polestar Perfomance

Volvo V60 Polestar Performance


Polestar Performance optimises the power and torque in your Volvo. It makes the car more lively and fun to drive and it increases safety in situations where you need extra performance, e.g. when overtaking. All this without increasing the certified fuel consumption or affecting your Volvo's Original Warranty. Now you no longer need to take risks with "chip tuning" to achieve an enhanced driving experience.


Installed Price - $1,150



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