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K-PAX Racing Performance Parts | Available Exclusively at Volvo of Edmonton




K-PAX Performance Parts are an exciting addition to the high quality parts you've come to expect from Volvo that can only be found at certified Volvo dealers in the U.S. and Canada. These quality parts are exclusively available in Edmonton through our dealership.


The idea of K-PAX Performance Cars was initially conceived in the fall of 2009 as a way to share what Volvo racing designers and enthusiasts were learning on the track.  They quickly learned that Volvo’s design and construction philosophy was the perfect foundation for creating a championship-winning racecar. 


It was this hidden DNA that we wanted to bring to the forefront of our limited edition cars and make their same winning components available to you.  Rest assured that improving your Volvo's performance with K-PAX parts will not void your vehicle's factory warranty.  In essence, our goal is to do our best to showcase that Volvos are in fact one of the best and safest performance cars available on the market today.


Talk to your Volvo of Edmonton Parts expert to find the right parts for your model, including intake and exhaust systems as well as upgraded suspension components.


Please note that prices are in US dollars, and that it does not include freight and labour.
Prices subject to change due to currency fluctuations.




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K-PAX S60 GT6 SuspensIon Package

 Volvo of Edmonton K-PAX Performance Parts | K-PAX S60 GT6 Suspension Package



If you don't like the safe, linear feeling of the Volvo OEM springs in the Volvo S60 you are already driving, why not come and replace it with the K-PAX system.


The K-PAX mandate on designing this package, was to create a suspension that will permit better handling and acceleration, in real world conditions.


When equipped with the S60 GT6 suspension, your Volvo will grip better, accelerate faster out of bumpy corners, while also avoiding any ABS interference under hard braking.


Your Volvo will behave much more neutrally, both on corner-entry as well as mid-corner. You will find that understeer has been reduced, due to our special springs and our stiffer rear anti-roll bar with polyurethane bushings.


This suspension package is manufactured in the USA and has been designed for the 2011 to 2015.5 Volvo S60 T6.


 Volvo of Edmonton K-PAX Performance Parts | K-PAX S60 GT6 Suspension Package



Our package includes: four performance springs and one rear performance sway bar with polyurethane bushings.


Contact Volvo of Edmonton to discuss your application and further enhance the appeal and performance of your K-PAX Volvo.






K-Pax Racing Parts in Edmonton | Exhaust

Volvo of Edmonton K-PAX Performance Parts | K-PAX Exhaust

Our performance exhaust systems are jointly developed between K-PAX Racing and Borla Performance, combining our expertise of Volvo vehicles with Borla's decades of experience.


When Volvo develops a new system, they have two objectives: performance and sound. As with all K-PAX Racing products we must see genuine performance gains as well as deliver a product that can be used every day by customers. Volvo pushed to create a perfectly-pitched European performance sound, all while providing a quiet interior cabin.


All of our K-PAX exhaust systems are developed and manufactored in the USA using aircraft-grade T-304 austenitic stainless steel. Contact Parts at Volvo of Edmonton today for more information.




We now offer the K-PAX GT6 Performance Exhaust, for the Volvo V60 (Volvo XC60 coming soon) for $1995.00.


This exhaust has been developped in co-operation with Borla Performance Exhausts.



 Volvo V60 K-PAX GT6 Performance Exhaust


It offers increases in both power and torque. If you want to drive a true European Sports Exotic, watch this video to listen a K-PAX Racing Volvo V60 GT6 and hear the difference!

Contact Volvo of Edmonton to discuss your application and further enhance the appeal and performance of your K-PAX Volvo.




K-Pax Racing Parts in Edmonton | Accessories 


 S60 Rear AerodynamIc SpoIler (In Carbon FIlter)

Volvo of Edmonton K-PAX Performance Parts | S60 Rear Aerodynamic Spoiler in Carbon FilterDeveloped in-house by K-PAX in conjunction with one of their racing partners that provide the best quality carbon filter for Volvo racers, this aerodynamic spoiler design improves rear downforce while providing a uniquely Volvo look to set your S60 apart from all other cars on the road.


 S60/ V60/ XC60 bIg brake GTR Brake KIt

Volvo of Edmonton K-PAX Performance Parts | S60 GTR Brake Kit



The S60 GTR brake kit combines the GT Big Brake Kit with our rear slotted rotors


for the ultimate in Volvo braking performance from the S60.


Manufactured in Italy and available right here in Edmonton.




Volvo of Edmonton K-PAX Performance Parts | Racing BBS Wheels

K-PAX works very closely with BBS to develop wheels for both our Volvo racecars as well as limited edition cars for the road.


Even though the criteria are very different, we rely on companies such as BBS because we know that they will deliver the highest quality of product whether you're on the track or driving your kids to school.


2004-2010   C30/S40/V50/C70
2011-2013  C30/C70
2011-2014  S60/V60


 S60GT Wheel and TIre Package

Volvo of Edmonton K-PAX Performance Parts | S60 Tire Package

This package contains the following K-PAX Volvo components:


(4) Anthracite BBS 19x8" Wheels

(4) Tires Pressure Monitor Sensors

(4) 245/35-19 Pirelli P-Zero Silver High Performance Summer Tires

(4) Wheel Centrecaps with either BBS or K-PAX Racing logo


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