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Welcome to Volvo of Edmonton's Parts Department, your only Volvo Dealership in Edmonton. With our dedication to great customer service, it is without question as to why Volvo of Edmonton has been awarded the 2017 President's Award and is consistently named # 1 in Canada for customer satisfaction and volume.


We couldn't have done it without you and our staff who understand the importance of putting customers first whether you are from Edmonton, Calgary, or any other outlying city or town. If your Volvo requires a new part, or even if you just want to customize it to your needs, the Volvo of Edmonton Parts Department has the right parts for you and your Volvo.


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Volvo of Edmonton offers a lifetime warranty on all Volvo Genuine Parts replaced and on labour to install them during any service or maintenance visit. Bring your Volvo in to the people who know it best, we promise to treat your Volvo with the care it deserves. Contact us for more information >





With Engine Remote Start you'll never have to worry about looking like you've had a rough drive.


It controls the interior climate of your car perfectly, letting you arrive in mint condition – in any weather.


Volvo Engine Remote Start makes you a safer driver. By pre-heating or pre-cooling your car, the driving conditions will be perfect from the start. After all, safe driving is closely connected to you being clear-headed enough to make the right decisions.



Volvo Edmonton has the power to keep you going.


With time and use, a battery's efficiency gradually deteriorates, affecting its ability to hold its charge and to start the engine. Avoid being inconvenienced unexpectedly by an exhausted battery by having your Volvo dealer test your battery's condition during required maintenance and have it replaced if necessary.

Genuine Volvo replacement batteries are manufactured to match your Volvo's electrical system specifications and are backed by a 5 year warranty with the first 2 years allowing for a full battery replacement.


Have Volvo of Edmonton's parts technicians check your battery regularly.



Not all replacement parts are created equal.


Genuine Volvo factory approved wiper blades are designed specifically for your Volvo vehicle to give you the best equipment performance possible. We have the genuine Volvo wiper blades you need, at prices comparable to other parts sources.


Volvo wiper blades are made of a heavy duty rubber material that is built to flex and sweep rain, snow, salt and grime from your windshield even in extreme temperatures.


Replacing your blades every 6 months maximizes your performance and keeps your windows clear of debris in every season. Come down to Volvo of Edmonton get your Volvo vehicle fitted with original OEM wiper blades and keep the road ahead of you clear.



Your best choice for your windshield.


The windscreen is a part of the function of more than 12 safety systems depending on how your Volvo is equipped. Some of them are extremely sensitive to optical tolerances, glass thickness and mass.


The properties of the windscreen affect the way the car deforms in a collision and its strength is vital to help maintain the structural integrity of the car. Only factory installation methods using genuine Volvo windscreens and adhesives can offer this assurance.


Replace or fix your windscreens at Volvo of Edmonton and get the right parts without compromise.


Stay safe and in control during Edmonton winters.


Designed specifically for your Volvo, genuine wheels are designed to be perfectly balanced, lightweight and strong. Special considerations are engineered to ensure brake cooling and optimal corrosion resistance.


Considering that they make your summer tires last longer, may reduce your insurance premiums and reduce the likelihood of even minor wintertime collisions, the investment is quite small.


Contact Volvo of Edmonton to learn more about our selection of winter tires and storage services to make the transition even easier.


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A touch of prevention goes a long way.


The brake disc is a part of the complete braking system and contributes to vehicle braking by transferring kinetic energy into heat via friction between the disc and brake pad material.


The brake system must be engineered to withstand high temperature differences and extreme weather conditions. The front brake pads are often more worn due to the brake force bias and distribution during deceleration.


Backed-up with a lifetime warranty against defect, why choose anything other than genuine Volvo of Edmonton brake components?


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