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Volvo of Edmonton is honoured to be the first Volvo dealer to receive the prestigious President's Award two years in a row. The award is for outstanding loyalty in customer service and tops for the highest ranking in luxury Volvo new and used car sales in Edmonton and across Canada. Read the article featured in The Edmonton Sun for the full story below.


But first, here are a few of the things that our customers had said about our dealership, which proves why Volvo of Edmonton is a consistent top rated dealer for customer satisfaction in Canada. 



                                             "I wish to thank you for your services in the purchase of our new vehicle. Your operation is a 'first class' business. People are what makes a company and your staff is exceptional. We visited several dealerships prior to happening upon Volvo and the difference in how we were treated is vast. Your staff should be commended and we wish you much success in your future."


- Maria M.




"Dear Mr. Norris,

Yesterday, much to my surprise, I received a beautiful gift of flowers from my friends at Volvo Edmonton! I purchased a pre-owned XC70 last fall. It was the easiest purchase I have ever made. I phoned your dealership, explained my needs to Sam Chehayeb who answered the phone, and he told he me had the perfect car for me. He was right! Within a few days, I bought that car and have been more than happy with the service I have received from your dealership. After I got the flowers, I phoned Sam, who admitted that he had nothing to do with the flowers. So I asked him whom I could thank, and he suggested I send you an email.

So - Thanks for the flowers!"


- Anthony S.




"I visited a lot of dealerships over the last few months, and I'm glad I did. My previous experiences allow me to definitively say that yours is the best dealership in edmonton. And while I believe that volvo's are top notch vehicles, your dealerships prowess is more a result of yourexcellent sales team and the customer focused culture you have fostered. I can't tell you how refreshing it has been to be treated with respect and courtesy by Brandon, Sam and Kelly during each step of my purchasing process. The relationship they fostered led me to gladly spent $15k more than my original budget, and I now look forward to picking up my new XC70 tomorrow."


-Robin B.




"My name is Rodrigo and I purchased a 2012 S60 in October of this past year. I just wanted to comend the group on making my whole purchasing experience a real delight and enjoyable experience. This includes Sam (who I casually met on my first trip to the dealership) to Curtis Faulkner who was the person that looked after me during the purchasing process. Curtis was always willing to answer my questions and made time for any little thing that came up (and still does).

I went to a number of dealerships in the city (including BMW, Lexus, and your neighbours-Audi) and I have to say that the customer service at Volvo was the best of the bunch.

Congrats and keep up the good work!!"


- Rodrigo O.




"I'd like to take a moment of your time to acknowledge the exceptional work of one of your sales staff, Andy Dowdall. Today, my wife and I took delivery of our fourth Volvo vehicle which we have either leased or purchased in the last several years. For the last three of these transactions, we have had the good fortune of having Andy as our sales rep. In a market where service is often talked about but seldome shown, Andy is an exception as he has always demonstrated the best qualities of customer service and support whether we were purchasing or leasing a vehicle or looking for service support. Andy is the only individual in the automotive industry that in over 30 years of buying and leasing vehicles, I have ever had complete confidence in referring to friends and colleagues. In fact, he recently sold a new vehicle to a senior manager colleague of mine with the Alberta Government. This is also the first time I felt motivated to send a note of this nature regarding any sales representative that I have ever dealt with. But today was just another reminder of the great service and support we have always received from Andy and I felt Andy's exceptional level of service deserves to be brought to your attention."


- Terry B.




"It has been 6 days since Sam gave me the keys to my new Volvo and I have never had some much fun driving. Sam was accommodating and professional, I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with him. Even though this was a corporate deal through GE Capital and Sam’s compensation was limited, the service I received was excellent.David Gibson had given me your number when I first started looking for a new vehicle. David and I have coached and golf occasionally at Blackhawk together. I had planned on calling you to discuss a new vehicle but after I met Sam and he took such good care of us, there was no need. You have gained a customer for life.

Hope to see you out at the Hawk this year.



- Patrick H.




"Recently we purchased our second Volvo – an S60, R-Line – from your dealership. To be frank, at the outset of the purchase process I was heavily leaning towards an Audi S4, however after driving the S60, and considering a number of other factors, I happily chose the Volvo. Andy Dowdall was my sales rep and the service I received from him was every bit as good as when we bought our XC90 from Sam Chehayeb, two years ago.

I have to tell you how impressed we were with the whole experience – minimal sales pressure, ever positive staff (regardless of dept), prompt follow through (even on a day-off), and thorough product knowledge. In fact each every time I’m in contact with your people the attitude I receive is all about "that’s not a problem" or "sure we can take care of that".

Keep up the good work and hold on to your staff – finding good people is tough nowadays and your people are great."


- Gord G.




"I have been meaning to write to you, for at least four weeks, to express my sincere thanks for the magnificent service my wife and I received from your staff when we recently purchased our new Volvo S60. The attention provided to us at your most recent ‘open day’ sale was outstanding.

Now, I also have to thank you for the recent floral gift you have sent us. It makes us feel, really and truly, part of the Volvo ‘family’ here in Edmonton.

It would be unfair to single out any particular person for special mention, because everyone has been so wonderfully supportive of a ‘couple of oldies’ like us - (if I may dare so to speak for my wife as well as myself).

Thank you all again – and may God bless you all.

I pray that we may continue as your loyal customers long into the future."


- Dr. Rev. David S.




"I wanted to pass on my appreciation for the assistance that Jordy Kupina gave us last Saturday afternoon. My daughter and I were in Edmonton for the day when my S60 had a flat tire. I called the Volvo Road Side Assistance and they arranged for a tow truck to take the car to your dealership. I left my daughter with the car to wait for the tow truck as we were in the middle of moving her out of her apartment as well.

I must admit to being surprised when she called me from the dealership later to tell me that there were no service techs to change the tire - not the fault of your dealership but certainly a flaw in the road side assistance program. I spoke with Jordy and he assured me he would find an alternate location that the tow truck could take the car to have the tire replaced.

A short time later Jordy called to tell me that no one else carried the necessary tire but he was calling the service technicians to see if he could fine anyone to come in. Fortunately, Matt Wilson agreed to come in (he just had to wait for his daughter to wake up as he was the only one home with her).

By this time, we had finished packing up my daughters apartment and met my daughter at your dealership. I had a chance to thank Jordy in person and he told me that we could work out the details of any costs and such on Monday as he was not sure what kind of tire warranty that Valentine Volvo had and such.

I always appreciate it when I come across someone who goes above and beyond to help do what is right. In this case, Jordy went beyond expectations to ensure that we had our car ready for us to return to Calgary that day. He showed initiative and has my gratitude for preventing the day from being a complete disaster. I also want to thank Matt for coming in to help us out.

I can see why you are #1 in Western Canada for customer satisfaction with employees like these two."


- Art S.














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